A chat with LOT Roasters. 

Cristian Larrosa and Úrsula Pérez open the doors to LOT Roasters, their most personal project. An innovative concept that we hadn't seen before in Barcelona, where cocoa plays a leading role and brings Peru closer to the city.

Upon entering LOT, an intense aroma of freshly made chocolate transports you directly to the cocoa fields of Peru. An old textile shop converted into a workshop, store, and café all at the same time. Minimalistic lines and neutral colors. An open space that conveys the same closeness as the founders, Cristian and Úrsula, with large windows to see the chocolate-making process live.

After several years of traveling through Peru advising high-end gastronomic projects, Cristian saw that there was a growing need in Barcelona to find quality chocolate.

They decided to focus solely on Peru, one of the cocoa meccas, to export the beans, as this allowed them to be involved in the entire process: getting to know the producers, visiting the farms…

"The idea in the near future is to organize agro-trips with potential customers so they can see where the cocoa they consume comes from."


If there was one thing clear at LOT Roasters, it was that they wanted to offer products that couldn't be found just anywhere, from drinks made with the pulp and shell of cocoa to sandwiches that went beyond the classic ham and cheese.

"We like to merge the techniques of chocolate and coffee production to achieve new results."


Our main product is from Peru, but the essence and flavor are Mediterranean. A fusion between South America and Europe.

The same bean can have a completely different result thanks to the concept behind it, and that's what we have managed to convey with LOT.

"There are many aspects that connect us with Thinking MU, but above all, we feel very identified with its clean and minimalist aesthetic, and brand values."

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