E-Gift Card

Don't just give anything Give your loved ones things they really need, when they need them!

Gift card details:

→ Remember! This is a virtual card, you will not receive a physical card.
→ Once purchased, you will receive an email with the gift card attached to your email address. Remember to add your address in the checkout process. You can print it or forward it directly to the recipient.
→ In the email you receive you will find the gift voucher code that must be used to redeem the balance.
→ It is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.
→ It is only valid for online purchases at www.thinkingmu.com or our own phisical stores.
→ The balance can be used partially. The unused balance will be saved for use on the next purchase within the stipulated validity period.
→ No returns or refunds of gift cards are accepted and cannot be redeemed in part or in full for cash.
→ There is no shipping cost associated with it.

How is it used?

→ If you have received a gift card and want to use it, you must use the code that appears on the virtual card, in the Discount Code or Gift Card section that you will find at the time of payment.