At Thinking MU, every garment we design, every action we take, every step we take, has the purpose of reducing, regenerating and making people think. We go beyond being a simple fashion brand, we are a vehicle of expression for those who question everything, a wake-up call for those who dare to go beyond and generate a significant change.

We assume our responsibility to build a more responsible and conscious future, a legacy for the next generations. It is time to open our eyes and act. Prioritizing positive impact over any selfish gain. Embracing collaboration instead of competition. Enjoying protecting this wonderful and resilient planet, our only home. Coming together to preserve the lands and waters that nourish us. Giving back all that we have stolen from nature and restoring balance.

The truth is that most brands lie, make empty promises and don't deliver, but at Thinking MU we want to change that. We strive to be a transparent and honest brand that truly demonstrates that there is another way of doing things, for those who want to disrupt the status quo. Who don't believe everything they read in the media. For those who dare to think out loud. Who know how important their personal contributions are in pushing the world forward. For all those who think freely. Who go against the tide.