The art of investing time in the things you love without expecting anything in return

In a world where actions are measured by their productivity, we come to stake our claim for the things that really enrich us and make us feel real growth in our lives.

Camiseta Alba Galocha Mock-1 Camiseta Alba Galocha Mock-3

Discover our collaboration with Alba Galocha. Fifty numbered units, inspired by the work of Edward Krasiński. This t-shirt wants to remind us of the importance of the connection between the body and the mind, represented through a thread that runs through the heart, from the chest to the back.


Alba Galocha is an artist, model and actress from Galicia (northern Spain) who creates textile artworks. Through her pieces, she reflects her inquisitiveness for personal knowledge.


Gabriel Pitan was born in Brazil and his work, mainly as a painter, is a complete diary that helps him to translate his feelings and keep connected to his spiritual side.