THINKING MU × Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria is an artist and poet based in Los Angeles, California, who combines abstract elements with hints of nostalgia in her work. Her work, characterized by simple drawings and striking words, draws from her relationship with beauty, emotions and social expectations.

"I love collaborating with other artists and brands because it unites two visions into one and usually allows me to walk away from the project with something new I've learned about myself." Says the artist.

Her main source of inspiration, apart from the people who are part of her life, is nature, from which she draws color palettes and shapes that come to life in her creations. Vibrant hues, delicate shapes and thought-provoking techniques come together in her pieces to create this unique collaboration.

"Nostalgic. Colorful. Reflective. Emotional. Interactive."

This is how Amber Vittoria defines her collaboration with Thinking MU.