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Borja Garmendia

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Borja Garmendia

“Enjoy the rest”

“Enjoy the rest”

Who is 03AM®?

03AM® is a brand that designs fabric furniture and home accessories under the motto “Enjoy the rest”. It is formed by a team of professionals specialized in Design, Product Design, Production and Management.

What is Pensando en Blanco?

Pensando en blanco is the creative studio that manages the brand 03AM®, puffs inspired by the sacks of flour from 1913 and the hard work of the bakers.

How do you bring up such an idea?

Remembering my way to the bakery when I was a kid. My parents had a bread bakery and I could experience the hard work they had to deal with. 03AM® is born thanks to a real story my father always told us. A story that enabled me to spin a unique brand of furniture and home accessories.

“I remember when at midnight we started to prepare the 3 or 4 doughs for the next day. Right after that we took a break and we rested on the 100kg flour sacks, awaiting for the time to make the first baking of the day: 03AM.”

It is a sign of appreciation and a tribute to so much effort.

Handwoven, ergonomic and traceable. These puffs have everything they need, do you have anything left to explore?

I really think a puff brings together the details that mark our particular way of understanding a product, an ideology and the way we like to work. It is a statement of intent which marks the way for the brand’s future projects thanks to a constant exploration.

You use different fabrics: organic cotton, eco merino wool, recycled papel… To what extent is important for you that the fabrics and the materials are sustainable?

What interests us most is to be sustainable in everything we do. We have very clear values, not linked to any fashion or tendencies towards the ecological, natural or sustainable fashion. We try to join up and make a team with related people or projects, where sustainability is not a main point of the discussion, it is just an intrinsic value in each of us that enables the brand to walk through a same line. In this sense, we have always been sincere and I think the market offers us tool we must play with in order to make a product 100% sustainable. In our case, the use of sustainable materials are subject to comfort standards in order to achieve the perfect balance in our products.

In the same way we not conceive a product with no sense of sustainability, we neither defend a 100% sustainable product that is not comfortable, practical or beautiful just because it is sustainable. That is our main challenge and the reason for us to be always looking for materials and finding the way to use as little non-sustainable materials as we can.

You work hand to hand with Teixidors, the centenary looms, how this collaboration worked out?

In 2011 we get to know the project. We could travel to the Alps to meet the origins of the merino wool that we now use to design our products. Having the opportunity to design your own fabrics with the traceability, values and singular elements that spin around the project are with no doubt a luxury and a very important basis of our collection.

Your puffs look very comfortable, but we’d like to ask you, how does 03AM® manage to get out of its comfort zone?

As any other project, we control our own settings when we get to work, small decisions that define our acting areas and our comfort parameters. Nevertheless, the team has the feeling and the necessity to improve, investigate and introduce changes in small details which precisely makes us in search of the zone of nonconformity. The diary observation and the analysis of the best brands and designers in Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Fashion or Graphic Design are our references and guide us. That continuous analysis and discovering of new objects and elements fascinates us, having the need to improve and to try to make things better every day in order to be part of that league we dream of so deeply.