Núria Arnau y Amor Cuinat

Núria Arnau y Amor Cuinat

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Núria Arnau y Amor Cuinat

"With a large spoonful of bravery, a few litres of perseverance and a large dash of positive energy you can achieve whatever you want in life"

"With a large spoonful of bravery, a few litres of perseverance and a large dash of positive energy you can achieve whatever you want in life"

This is the story of Núria, who after a long journey across Asia and Oceania decided to start a new life with cooking at its heart.

This was how Amor Cuinat was created; a culinary project in which Núria prepares home-delivered food with as much passion as the food that first inspired her.

Dishes that are the fruit of care and attention, where every detail counts. And all with love as their main ingredient.

It’s true what our mothers used to say – there’s no place like home.


Meet Núria

Who is Núria Arnau Gili and why did she decide to set up Amor Cuinat?

She is a traveller, and she is brave. Cooking is her passion and eating is her pleasure. She studied advertising and public relations because the course appealed to her. For two and a half years she worked as an executive and accounts manager in various advertising agencies. She combined this with her master’s course in personal development and leadership, which is what influenced her to set off on the road to personal growth. She learned an extraordinary amount about herself. So much in fact, that she decided to leave her agency job and go backpacking around the world. She flew single, not return. Bangkok was the starting point and the end of her journey. 10 months of adventures around the world alone, where she realised what her true vocation was: cooking. Therefore the next step was to turn her calling into her work: Amor Cuinat.

Can you tell us about the history of Amor Cuinat? How did it all begin?

Amor Cuinat began in New Zealand, when I wrote in my travel diary: ‘I want cooking to be part of my daily life. It’s my true vocation.’ That’s where I saw the light.

A year after returning from my trip, and after having a hard time acclimatising, I made what I had written come true.

What do you think is the secret to the success of your project?

Love. The love that I have created the project with. The love that I cook with. The love that I transmit to my diners.

What important lessons has Amor Cuinat taught you?

Amor Cuinat has taught me to live in the moment more than ever. When I cook, I am just cooking (I’m so wrapped up in what I am doing that when my partner comes into the kitchen I jump!).

It has also taught me that my mood influences how a dish turns out. When I am sad, tired or angry it’s better that I just cook for myself.

Do you have any advice for those entrepreneurs who are daring to innovate and create in times like these?

I would tell them that with a large spoonful of bravery, a few litres of perseverance, a few kilos of creativity, a large dash of positive energy, several cupfuls of energy and a plateful of love they can achieve whatever they want in life.

To finish, what does People of the Future mean to you?

For me it’s a call to arms for originality, creativity and bravery, through real examples that are full of these three ingredients.

The people who make up People of the Future enjoy the present by imagining a successful future.