We support Artists

Each season we work with local artists and creative people
Illustrators, photographers and graphic designers who share our attitude.
Discover our partners for this season.

Fundrawings is a multidisciplinary group of five friends based in Barcelona who draw just for
fun. In the beginning, they got together to sketch their craziest ideas and have ended up making drawing
their business.


Jalón is an independent illustrator and artist in various techniques, especially large format wall
paintings. Thanks to his versatility we’ve created a pattern made of great iconic characters.


"Noelia Portilla is a freelance illustrator and designer currently based in
Madrid. Her work is based on drawings which create a feminine world of constellations and


Victoria Villasana is a textile artist born in Guadalajara, Mexico. She’s interested in cultures &
human spirit, looking at how people relate to each other in a fragmented, post-digital world.


Alex Gordo is a Barcelona-based graphic designer and illustrator with special talent for Chinese ink and fanzine drawings. His innocent gesture portrays our music heroes with an amazing grace.


We have covered our garments with the brisk drawings of Pol Montserrat. Pol is a Catalan illustrator who has worked for brands such as Marset and Odisseo. His thick outlines have given him his own style that is full of personality. “I like to walk the line between things being understood and ceasing to be understood.”


Her illustrations play with geometric shapes and break all classical conventions for the representation of the human body. María works in several formats: book covers, posters, press releases, advertising, animation and educational illustration. And now, new garments for our Thinking MU collection.


Enric Adrian Gener is 27MM, an intrepid photographer from Menorca (Spain) specialized
in underwater photography. Non-stop worker and lover of the sea, he spends about half of
the year in Menorca and the other half working and travelling to other seas around the
world. Most of his work is done while practicing freediving, using just a simple underwater
lighting setup, a mask, a snorkel and a camera.


With an underground style and a great sense of humor, the play on words of Noemí
Rebull, known as La Mandanga, are the secret formula against boredom. The Catalan
writer is an authentic expert making caricatures and in perverting popular icons and
everyday objects. Her bizarre and flashy style is more than just an Instagram account
(@la_mandanga). She has worked with Lapsus Festival, the Gent Normal blog, and Perdiz

Cocolia is Mireia Ruiz and Raúl Ramos, a creative studio in Barcelona. Their work encompasses art direction projects, photography, graphic design and set design. Their world is full of exciting colours and geometric shapes designed with lots of humour. Discover their new patterns on our jumpers, boxers, pyjamas...


Borja Garmendia is 50% of Pensando en Blanco™, an independent mulidisciplinary studio
offering graphic design, photography, illustration, art direction and product design, among
others. The extreme care taken, their obsession for things well done and control of every
phase are their keys to creating unique products and spaces.


Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a duo of Spanish illustrators based here
and there. Their illustrations are full of colors, energy, humor and irony. Their hand-drawn
work takes a fresh and unique style, working in a variety of media, including books,
magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, murals and illustration..