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Emili Claperol Mas Domènech

"We must work together, helping one another to forge ahead"

At Thinking Mu, we have a dairy cow... and not just any dairy cow.
We started sponsoring her at Mas Claperol, Emili Domènech and family's sustainable dairy cattle operation. Dedicated to producing organic, artisanal cheeses and yogurts for over 25 years, Emili Domènech is a pioneer who did not wait for all things organic to become trendy.
Only few people know this, but this is where the best yogurt in the world is made.

We want to introduce you MU, the new member of our family. We have adopted her in Mas Claperol and we spent the whole day talking about her.
Like proud parents or grandparents. We receive weekly all kind of ecological dairy products which come directly from MU’s udders.
Yogurts, cheeses and fresh milk ... We will keep you informed of her adventures.


Meet Emili

Who is Emili Donènech and why did he decide to set up Mas Claperol?

Well, he was a man who lived in Barcelona and thought: How can it be that a farmer who makes raw material earns so little money compared to the people living in the city?

He didn’t understand how the wholesalers could earn more and thought: “Try it out! Carry out the entire process of land, livestock, processing and distribution and then you’ll see and you'll understand.”

And that’s what I did; I saw and I got frustrated… (Laughs) But I keep doing, it because I like it. In the city, even though I come from there, I wouldn’t know how to live.

And when agriculture starts wanting to have more output in less time and sell more, you decide to continue using the traditional process, which is much slower…

I’ve always thought the same thing: if you take six months to kill a chicken instead of three months, it will be much better, because it’s been growing for six months.
Things done slowly are much better than things done in a hurry. The same thing happens with strawberries or tomatoes; they are big and pretty, but they don't taste like anything. The problem is that we come from a time in which we didn’t pay attention to the flavour of things… and in the end, things need to follow their natural course.

Cows whose purpose is to provide milk like machines live three quarters less than mine… however mine provide less milk. And depending on whom, this is not for them. My process is more artisanal; I cannot compete with supermarkets.

What do you think is the recipe for Mas Claperol’s success?

I don’t know… what I do is try to complete the entire circle – start it and end it without any middle-men, without the help of banks.

Start with the raw material, carry our responsible production, and reach the end customer.

Any tips for those entrepreneurs who are daring to innovate and create in times like these?

We must work together, helping one another to forge ahead. Here we help each other among quite a few farms: we sell them milk if they need it or they sell it to us… Work together to forge ahead.

A motto?

Nature is the mother of eggs. In other words, everything needs its unrushed time.

To finish, what is People For The Future for you?

What I think is that people are going back to the basics and once again doing what people did before. Lately things have been done badly and now we see what matters… there are increasingly more young people who want to set up their own farms, but it’s not so easy for them here.

In France, for example, they pay more attention to detail ; there are more resources for young people to create farms. We’ve speculated too much, and now there’s nothing left to speculate with. Then people think: What matters? Well, good ole food is what matters. Because it’s a need.. And if you want quality, you’ll find it in organic things and artisanal things.

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Emili Domènech y Mas Claperol

"We must work together, helping one another to forge ahead"

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