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What is Captcha Collective and what does it do?

Captcha Collective is a creative studio where independent artists and creators converge to participate in the different steps of an audiovisual process.

At Captcha Collective we believe in the synergy between specialists in different disciplines generate working together. Thanks to this way of working we can get at any moment tools and resources to experiment, discuss, create and execute ideas.

From our entrance hall, to your left you’ll find Alejandro Armas and his custom made table for illustration and design. If the set’s curtain is not closed, you may see Adolfo Bueno and Juan Sebastián Vásquez, from TKSH FILMS, with a table crowded with objects about to come to life in some stop motion. Or they may be sitting in the video editing stations with our cinema specialist, Alejandro Rojas, who can also be found preparing interviews for Cannes or organising our next movie discussion event.

When entering the studio, you also have the possibility to go directly to our common space where we meet, chat, eat or interview collaborators. In the opposite side, there is the video deposit and a construction corner with all the gadgets that helped us to make our space a reality.

If your hear music though the door it is because Leo Aldrey from Audiobend is composing in the main studio while Jon Corcuera from Moobeat is working on a new interactive system.

Can you explain us the story of your passion for the audiovisual World? How did everything begin?

As we are a multidisciplinary group, each one of us has different interests and influences but our meeting point is to communicate and create pieces of work that move, that generate feelings and thoughts.
The idea of building this space also comes from our common interests. The video guys are good musicians, the musicians enjoy crafting new forms of art and all of us believe in the richness of the intersection of different experiences and points of view.

After collaborating in some projects we decided to join efforts and work together in an inspiring, fun and productive space. We rented the local, bought lots of tools, collected materials, designed things, nurtured from a bunch of YouTube construction tutorials and went straight to work. It’s a pleasure to know that the mood of collaboration and proactivity is floating in the DNA of our place.

What is the recipe for success for our projects? Which of them would you highlight?

We prefer potions rather than recipes, because we base ourselves in the friction and in the contribution of complementary ingredients. The deepest notions of art are true for all its disciplines. We like to approach our projects from different viewpoints and perspectives and that is the charm of sharing our quest in this creative studio. Besides from working with the resident members, we love to receive new collaborators to work with.

What important knowledge have you got from your experience in the audiovisual world?

We’ve learned to listen more and to listen better, to observe the details, while enjoying the pleasure of feeling, thinking, chatting, analysing, creating, telling stories and collaborating.

Any tip for those entrepreneurs daring to innovate and create in a moment like this?

Better quote some wise words from Albert Einstein: “If you are looking for different results, don’t use the same approach”

To end with a deep question, how would you define People for the Future?

People for the Future is a meeting point to recharge our positive energy and proactivity with people who cultivate their dreams.

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Captcha Collective

"The deepest notions of art are true for all it's disciplines"

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