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Alejandra Coll y Asilvestrada

‘When you open your eyes to the nature, you never feel alone again’

Gardening design, exterior decoration, urban gardens design and handmade ceramic objects. Her passion is walk through the forest searching reusable elements. She loves to use the hands in her work and put all her senses to return the nature it’s rightful place: closer to people.


Meet Alejandra

Who is Alejandra Coll and what he does?

‘Asilvestrada’ is my way to say what I am and what I do. My mother was the first in put me this name. Over time, ‘Asilvestrada’ had become a personal and professional project, a brand. This project is about bringing the nature closer to the people in an easily and affordable way. I design gardens, I decorate terraces, I give advices in urban gardens design and I make ceramic objects. I love to walk through the forest searching reusable elements. I like to use my hands in my work and put all my senses in what I do. In contact with the nature I grow and I find all the resources to help who visit me.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind your passion with the nature? How did it all start?

When I was 21 I traveled around the world in a real eye-opener trip. For the first time, I stopped to look at my own navel and started looking everything it’s outside: I learned to connect myself with the environment. I came back to Barcelona fascinated because of the nature… So I immediately made a curse in gardening to, later, be able to study garden design in London. That was the starting point, then I’ve been finding different forms to connect with my passions: the last, ceramics.

What do you think is the recipe for success of your projects?

I offer a middle way between a landscapist office and a gardener. My proposal is based in a planed design but with a friendly and close contact with the person I’m working with. I like to establish good relationships in order to understand what every client need. In this point, the brand and the person came together to became a choice to restore nature where is needed.

What important lessons have you learned from your experience with documentary discipline?

If you mean learning for life in general I think that we are an interconnected system, we’re part of the same cycles. When you open your eyes to the nature, you never feel alone again. It’s a life long learning and the challenge consists on being ready to receive encouragement constantly. Introduce yourself in the landscape teach you that observation is our most powerful ally.

Any tips for those entrepreneurs who are daring to innovate and create in times like these?

Only you know what you have to do, so listen to yourself. You have to give value to your world, take a risk. Persistence and determination are basic so do something that you’ll enjoy. We reap what we have sown.

To finish, what is People for the Future for you?

An opportunity to share my work, to make a name for myself and create new relations, as well as a place where discover other projects like mine. I believe in collaboration within people as a way of empowerment of work.

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Alejandra Coll and the ASILVESTRADA project

‘When you open your eyes to nature, you never feel alone again’

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