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Jordi Quintana and IMO

"IMO starts from a feeling of nostalgia for the old, the simple and the union between them."

Jordi, Quinta for friends, is a wood craftsman who creates objects with soul. That part of things unseen, but feel. His method of production ensures that each of its creations have something unique that will never be replicated in other piece.

He has always been a lover of simple things and the beauty of nature, so it was not necessary that ecology became a trend for his project IMO saw the light. Jordi observes people and nature, and he finds items with dual use. He recycles and redesigns, and where we see an old hammer handle, he sees the legs for a new stool. Thinking Mu loves his ability to link seemingly unconnected points between the old and the new, environment and people.

Meet El Quinta

Who is Jordi Quintana and why did he decide to create IMO?

I love simple things and old crafts. I studied design in Barcelona and after several experiences into labour world, I wanted to start a closer and craft project with soul. So I decided to create I Make Objects.

Can you tell us a little bit about the story behind IMO? How did it all start?

It was a moment of my life when I had to make decisions, find a way that makes me feel good personally and professionally. A job that makes me get up with enthusiasm and enjoyment with life every morning. IMO is the result of my passion for recycling and nature.

What do you think is the recipe for success of IMO?

The quality of life of doing what I really love and moves me. The feeling of find the balance between past and present, having my own identity and getting fit it in society.

What important lessons have you learned from your experience with IMO?

IMO has taught me to value the knowledge, experience and the work of anyone who can teach me. This project has showed me the importance of the combination between design and the inherent wisdom of nature. I have learned to listen to my instincts without fear of creating, living in the present and enjoy the eureka moments.

A motto?

Beauty lies in simplicity.

Any tips for those entrepreneurs who are daring to innovate and create in times like these?

You must be constant, don’t be afraid to risk and never give up. Courage!

To finish, what is People for the Future for you?

People for the Future is a great initiative of people who live with courage and say what they think loud, with pride. It’s a platform that consists of people who want to change.

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Jordi Quintana and IMO – I Make Objects

"IMO starts from a feeling of nostalgia for the old, the simple and the union between them."

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