HEY. We have something we need to tell YOU! Thinking MU is saying GOODBYE to Sales. Yep. We’re over Sales. But WAIT! We’ve got our reasons:


Sales are too PUSHY! Sales force brands to sell the big piece of the pie just at the middle of the season. Why do winter sales have to start just when its f****** freezing and summer sales when it is just getting warm out there?


Sales make everybody to produce and buy FASTER AND FASTER (and that affects not only non fast-fashion brands’ productions, but your mental health too as a consumer.)


Creative and sustainable products have a PRICE (when you pay the full price of a garment you’re paying 100% of the human work behind it.)


A responsible production claims for a REFLECTIVE purchase (and sales are nothing but compulsive.)


We need to STAND UP to the dictatorship imposed by fast fashion. It makes consumers constantly buy unsustainable discounts (small and local businesses need a chance too!)


Sustainability is for EVERYBODY! (Sustainability needs its own rules, and we CAN’T follow this insane movement!)

Before you start cursing us, take a deep breath, this is no act of greediness but an act of consciousness. Let’s create a new way of consuming and open a door to new, more sustainable opportunities. Subscribe to the Thinking MU family to stay tuned.