Dyed with flowers

All Thinking MU’s garments are dyed by using a low-impact and biodegradable process. But we have a selection of items which are dyed with natural flowers and minerals in a clean, non-toxic and 100% natural dying process, thanks to the Instant Color Technique.

How does it work?

We only use natural materials such as flowers and minerals.

We chop them up until they turn into a magical powder

By mixing those powders with water we obtain liquid colors.

Before dying the garment, we soak it into a non-toxic fixative so the colors can properly set into the fabric.

Now it is ready to take a cold and colorful bath. Thanks to 100% natural dyes, only one step that lasts just 3 minutes is needed at this point of the process (whereas industrial garment dying takes 6 hours and needs 90oC baths)

We then let it dry in the sun. Once it’s nice and dry, we soften it with natural products.

The brand new Instant Color Technique dyes garments with natural flowers and is a great sustainable process:

1. No heat is needed as it only uses cold water and no dryer.
2. The whole process is natural and enables a controlled traceability.
3. No use of chemicals.