From our home city Barcelona we feed and raise Thinking MU, nourishing all our steps from its magic, its character and its uniqueness. Nature, people, humor and the new world we wish to live in: images, illustrations, colors and MU attitude.



We do not use any fibres that are not natural or environmentally friendly. Our cotton fibres are the longest, silkiest fibres nature has to offer


We use certified biodegradable pigments and we carry out over half of our production in natural white.


Water is part of the heritage of mankind and is a scarce resource: our organic certifications show our providers how to decrease the use of water in all the production stages of THINKING MU garments.


Not only our clothes are made in the most artisanal way possible. All our hang tags and commercial paper are made in a local artisanal paper workshop that recycles our leftover textile fibers into beautiful cotton paper, plus we add seeds in them to spread good energy around the world.