Thinking MU’s new Spring Summer Collecion is here and to celebrate it we are interviewing the brand’s creative director, Carlos Cortadellas.

Defining the new season is not easy: “We don’t choose a topic to inspire our collections” admits Carlos. But it is obvious, “there’s something that distinguishes us: our followers and our lifestyle”.


Thinking MU’s DNA

That is true: the brand’s graphic background allows to talk about many topics and to feature many sentences and designs they do not stick to something in particular. However, they are always influenced by “positive thinking, respect for people and nature, generosity, sustainabiblity”. Perhaps, the key of their inspiration is the one that Carlos confesses in last place “friends and all those little details that make life amazing”.

If looking for that common ground was not easy, neither is tracking their creative process. But we try anyway. “We can’t say that we follow the ultimate trends”. What can be seen as a weakness is reveals itself as a strength. Carlos tells us that “Thinking Mu’s customers don’t care if our clothes are in or out; they are buying them because they agree with our message and values”.

Despite season after season they bring some changes and new ideas, inspiring themselves in a certain way by trends, they have a clear ideas “everything related to a positive attitude towards life'll always be cool”.

In addition, in all their collections, there is a notion that keeps repeating: connection. A connection to the net, that never-failing source of creative sparks and a connection to the business and to the customers. “We struggle constantly to extract all the juice from the things we like to bring it to our element”.

Winds of change

Carlos tells us that in every collection “everything is really new, regarding families and patterns”. “Before this year’s summer collection, we only made jumpers and tees”. Now we also have “shorts, pants, bags, glasses, footwear and several accessories”. This is a natural evolution. Once the Thinking MU’s fan “knows us, they ask for more”, despite every garment is a new world that demands hard work: “Making a tee doesn’t have anything in common with designing a dress or a bag”.

Until this moment, Thinking MU stood out for their “t-shirts with message” but driven by their fans, they decided going one step further. However “competing against fashion brands that make sophisticated statements” is not Thinking MU’s goal because “we want to be something more than just the last trends” claims Carlos.

Extending the garments in collections means taking decisions, failing and learning. Carlos gives us an example: “What fabric shall we choose for an eco swimsuit?”. Finding answers to questions like that explains why there are not swimsuits or pants by Thinking MU, but they are working hard to be able to produce them in a ethically and sustainable way. But they do have “comfy pants”, because Thinking MU would not be Thinking MU without putting “purpose and comfort” first in everything they do. But also their ethical values are marking them. “It’s not easy to extend our product offer minding sustainability in all our materials and processes.


Views set on the future

In this collection, Thinking MU has collaborated with The Rice Co for the slippers, with Ölend and 03AM for backpacks and bags and even with PAPPUP to make recycled cardboard sunglasses. “We trust in collaboration”. Thinking MU believes that “one must look for people who share your values to bring stimulating projects to life”.

They have always been open to collaborations and will keep on doing them but “this year’s summer collection’s going to be remembered in Thinking MU’s history for being a turning point” declares Carlos. And there is more. “We’ve started doing things beyond the classic t-shirt with message, introducing new product lines with materials and surprising dyes that will soon the light”.

Taking all this in mind, the brand’s creativity is not only found in the illustration in their garments, but also in their patterns. The graphic and humour side is still there but a new, more sober and urban side is blooming with this collection. Actually, Carlos tells us that this season a process to “broaden the structure of Thinking MU, which’ll allow us to show more different garments in every collection and, at the same time, introducing more innovative designs.” Time will tell.